This is a rare miracle in history. The Little Girl sings so well that the judges kneel before her.

Heavenly Joy Jerkins Delights with «In Summer» from Frozen on America’s Got Talent

In the vast sea of talent that graces the stage of «America’s Got Talent» (AGT), few performers stand out as much as Heavenly Joy Jerkins. During her audition, this adorable and vivacious young girl captured the hearts of the judges and the audience alike with her rendition of «In Summer» from Disney’s «Frozen.» Her performance not only showcased her remarkable talent but also her infectious personality and undeniable charm.

A Star Is Born

Heavenly Joy Jerkins, then just five years old

, stepped onto the AGT stage with a blend of confidence and childlike innocence that instantly endeared her to everyone present. Dressed in a cute outfit and with a radiant smile, she introduced herself to the judges, sharing that she loved to sing and dance. Her bubbly personality and the enthusiasm with which she spoke were infectious, setting the stage for a memorable performance.

A Frozen Delight

When the music started, and Heavenly began to sing «In Summer» from Disney’s hit movie «Frozen,» it was clear that this young girl possessed a talent that belied her age. Her voice was sweet and clear, perfectly capturing the whimsical spirit of the song, which is sung by the character Olaf, a snowman dreaming of experiencing summer. Heavenly’s rendition was not only technically impressive but also filled with joy and personality, making it impossible not to smile while watching her.

As she sang, Heavenly also showcased her dancing skills, moving around the stage with an energy and confidence that added an extra layer of charm to her performance. Her stage presence was magnetic, and she managed to convey the fun and excitement of the song effortlessly. The judges and the audience were visibly enchanted by her performance, clapping and cheering along.